Cementitious Self Levelling Screed Flooring Installation

At Maslens we specialise in pump applied, free flowing, self-levelling cementitious floor screeds for both residential properties and commercial developments. Flowing screeds are the next generation in floor screeding, delivering some very tangible benefits.

Cementitious levelling screeds are used to level poor substrates to achieve better tolerances for the installation of final floor finishes. The floor finishes can be tiles, carpet, wood flooring, linoleum, floor epoxy paints, etc.

Cementitious thin section levelling screeds range from 3mm up to 75mm depending on product and can be either hand or pump applied. Some compounds are classed as wearing screeds due to their high tensile strength and can be suitable for industrial toppings. These screeding applications have fast drying properties so final coverings can be installed quickly.

Flowing Screed is suitable for use in all types of environments, and is currently used extensively in many warehouses, shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and airports.

We can install a wide range of self levelling screeds dependent on specific conditions and requirements such as:

  • Underlayments for various floor finishes.
  • Wearing screeds for industrial areas.
  • Precision smoothing and levelling.
  • Renovation screeds for fast track refurbishments.

Maslens are approved screed flooring installers for all the major UK suppliers including Weber, DCP, Mapei, Tru CTS cement and Flowcrete Pozament.